Wee Hubs – 2024 news

We closed the Wee Hub in the former Debenhams at the end of 2023 as OT have started their long-awaited rebuilding programme. However, this did not mean that the idea of having community spaces being used by different ages and groups stopped, so LMA are delighted that they will be managing two units in OT for public use.

They are The Wee Play Hub and The Wee Hub Lounge. The units are undoubtedly smaller than Debenhams, one is on the first floor, and the other on the second floor but they are up and running already.

Wee Play Buggy Bay

The units have been cleaned, tidied and organised by the usual enthusiastic team of: Heather, Caroline, and one of our volunteers, David C. Delphine, David D, and Barry have also been involved shifting furniture, co-ordinating bookings, and setting up the play stations etc.

Wee Play Hub art and guitars and art work

French Connection to The Wee Play Hub…

The former French Connection, now The Wee Play Hub, is open 11.00 – 3.00 pm Wednesday to Sunday and anyone can pop in and play with the toys, read books, play the piano or one of our guitars, or try out video games. You can also sit down and have a rest, eat your lunch, have a chat…The walls provide space for displaying art work by some of those who used the old Wee Hub for studio space; there is aready a display up. Alan will be running workshops for his abstract art, the Conversation Club meet weekly and LACAE hold children’s language classes. Think Circus are also going to be doing circus jam sessions at weekends.

Books and piano
Children’s books
Buckets of toys

It’s certainly not as big a space as the children’s play area in the old Debenhams was but The Wee Play Hub once again provides a safe area for parents and toddlers. We only opened a few days before Christmas but it is already proving very popular. There is no official co-ordinated programme as yet but Caroline is on the case and the first ‘event’ is a Bairns Burns Party on 25 January at 1.30 pm. There will be music and dance and poems so get out your kilt and tam o’shanters and come along!

Wagamama to Wee Hub Lounge.

As this was previously a restaurant it was more of a challenge decidint how to best use the space, given that the counters for preparing and serving food are fixed and cannot be moved. Debenhams Wee Hub had proved very popular for dance groups or individuals – either as rehearsal space or for free classes – and it was decided that the area would work best as a dance practice area. Since the space is limited, and access complicated, most of the sessions are not open for drop-in by members of the public but a number of our previous groups have restarted their sessions. These include: Ukrainian, Bulgarian dance classes, as well as and LACAE and Onisis. The Wee Hub Lounge is also being used for upcycling furniture and for a martial arts fitness class.

Whenever we have moved into a new unit there has always been the opportunity to recycle and repurpose the fittings and furniture that has been left behind. There wasn’t a lot in Wagamama but the floor to ceiling mirrors along one wall all came from changing rooms in Debenhams – a shining example of recyling – and is proving popular with dancers!

The Wee Hub Lounge – now used for dance practices

Pop in to The Wee Play Hub for a visit and check it out.