Blethers and Biscuits…

Although The Wee Museum of Memory/Living Memory Association was able to open up and welcome visitors once Lockdowns were lifted, it has not been possible – for Covid safety – to have groups in for reminiscence sessions – blethers and biscuits and cups of tea!

However we are delighted to be open for groups again. A group from Pilmeny came along last week, many of whom were Leith born and bred. However even those who were not were able to share memories about doing the washing – or watching their mums do it. A few remembered going to the local Steamies and shared those experiences, as well as debating the relative benefits of carbolic soap, Persil, Dreft or Fairy Snow. Although most of the group were ladies, the couple of men who were present demonstrated how to play the washboard with thimbles. Everyone knew about skiffle music although no-one admitted to being in a band.

Wash day equipment.

Memories about which scone recipe was best, saving money for rent and insurance and getting money back when the man emptied the electric/gas meter were shared, but the final test was a quick check on who remembered their mum’s co-op number – almost all the group did.

Getting the teas and coffees sorted!

Before the group started we were a wee bit anxious about how it would go: would we have forgotten how to reminisce? Our fears were needless as once we managed to sort out all the teas and coffees: milk, no milk, two sugars, no sugar, we were off! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and a big thank you to the Pilmeny group and Mary for coming along.

Who remembers Carbolic Soap?

Today we reintroduced the Melodies and Memories sessions with a selection of familiar tunes from a few popular musicals: My Fair Lady, Oliver, Oklahoma, South Pacific, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz. It was fun to reminisce about these films as well as share stories about trips to different parts of America. Although it is not ideal singing while wearing a mask, it was therapeutic to breath deeply and sing out loud: no-one cared if you didn’t know the words – or even the tune. We were all laughing and smiling and glad to have been singing about beautiful mornings as the sun shone over the Firth of Forth.

Consider yourself part of the furniture…

Although it was just a small group of some of our regulars for our first session, we look forward to welcoming others next month – new visitors welcome! It will be on Thursday 21 April at 11.00 am.

Oh what a beautiful morning!

If you would like to bring a group for blethers and biscuits – or join in the singing session get it touch: