LMA @The Wee Hub

Things are happening @The Wee Hub…For the last few weeks we have been working hard to clear and re-organise what was Debenhams in Ocean Terminal, into a usable space for community and heritage groups, as well as create an interesting venue for visitors of all ages. Our team of hubbers – Miles, Caroline, Lexi, Ewan, Ruth and anyone else who happened to be around at the time to lend a hand at furniture moving, painting, design and printing (a special thanks to Delphine for her signage and design) – have done an amazing job turning what was two very large floors filled with shop fittings and furnishings into manageable and identifiable themed areas and group spaces.

The Wee Library.

The first groups have been in…We are now beginning to open up and welcome groups to the hub. The first groups to use the Wee Hub have been Sikh Sanjog for a book launch; ‘Giraffe about Town’ a studio space where artists are painting giraffes for Edinburgh Zoo’s newest sculpture trail; Pianodrome who are turning old pianos into sculptures and installations, and a crafting workshop with House of Jack.

Over the next few weeks Salle Holyrood Fencing, Thistle Model Railway Makers, Think Circus, Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, Tinderbox, Citadel Youth, and Street Soccer will be bringing their equipment and setting up their group spaces either on the ground or on the first floor. Newhaven Heritage are also moving into an area near our own Wee Hub Library.

Wee areas…Other sections on the first floor include: a play area and an art area showcasing art work done by David Nicol during lockdowns and also by Ewen one of our young volunteers who is creating his own ‘Superheroes’ Space…

David Nicol’s artwork.
The Wee Hoppers play area.

There is also a dance space – we are hoping to arrange a tea dance soon – as well as for performance: music, singing etc. We have a number of dance outfits from different eras: formal dances in the 1950s, disco numbers from the 1970s and a lycra outfit which was very much the fashion for disco workouts in the 1980s (thank you Caoline!). We are looking for more dance hall fashions – particularly men’s ones – so if you have a Zoot suit or a pair of Oxford Bags hiding away in your attic we would love to dress up a mannequin and add it to the display!

The Wee Theatre and Dance area.

Although the Wee Hub is still in its early days and is still evolving, we are open for visitors to explore the space – as well as see the work being done by groups.

Decorate a Mannequin…There were quite a few naked and abandoned mannequins left in the unit so we would like community groups or individuals to paint, dress or decorate them in any way they want which can be included in our display. Get in touch if you would like to pick up one and let your imagination run free…!

We are open daily, 11.00 to 4.00 pm so pop in and have a look round.

Welcome to the Wee Hub.