Edinburgh's Reminiscence Project • Established 1986

Photo Archive

The Thelma photographic archive was initiated in 1999. As we engaged in our reminiscence work, conversing with individuals and documenting their memories, it became evident that numerous captivating photographs were tucked away within family albums and personal collections. We perceived this collection as an invaluable social history resource, brimming with the minutiae of everyday occurrences.

The archive has been a central part of The Living Memory Association ever since. We now have around 4000 images available to browse online, hosted by Edinburgh Collected.

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If you have photos you'd like to share with us, please know that we don't seek to retain the original images. Instead, we will scan and return your photographs to you.
We kindly invite you to visit The Wee Museum of Memory in Edinburgh with your photo(s), and we would greatly appreciate it if you could also provide us with some accompanying details such as the date, place, names, and any fond memories associated with them.