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Memories of West Lothian Gala Days

Although The Living Memory Association is based in Edinburgh, we have a long association with West Lothian. In 2012, contact was re-established when Elizabeth Henderson invited us along to work with the Council's Museums Service, and from there we developed the idea of a project celebrating Gala Days in the region.

We began work on this 18-month Heritage Lottery-funded project in April 2015. Working closely with West Lothian Heritage Services, it was decided we would concentrate on five locations: Armadale, Blackridge, Broxburn, West Calder and Whitburn.

We published a book giving a flavour of the many hours of interviews and memories we have gathered in. It's a rich and evocative subject. We hope you enjoy the read and may all your Gala Days be sunny.

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Memories of West Lothian Gala Days (PDF, 108 MB)

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