These are a few of our favourite things…

We put out a sweetie jar for visitors to leave their comments about their favourite objects in The Wee Museum of Memory and have had lots of interesting comments from people of all ages.

Wee Museum of Memory favourite object sweetie jar.

The Viewmaster has been described as having great 3D images. The Creamola Foam tin was named by a few people and someone even noticed their favourite Smiths Crisps packets.

Creamola Foam and Smiths Crisps packet.

The beauty and the hairdressing displays were also popular, in particular the heater rollers were a favourite with someone. The Daktari Album was the choice of a couple of visitors and brought back many memories for one in particular. The Cuisenaire counting rods reminded a visitor that they demonstrated how to use them to a school inspector when they were at Wardie Primary.

Dolls, the dolls’ house, toys and more dolls, and even more toys, as well as the reading sofa and balloons, are well-liked – and played with – by quite a few of our younger visitors. As are the old-fashioned Hoovers, typewriters and phones, which regularly receive hands-on investigation. One of our visitors was on the design team for the Viscount phone between 1979-1982 so this was his favourite in the collections.

One of our typewriters and a Viscount phone.

Changes in technology seem to intrique visitors – from early Hoovers and washing boards to rotary dial phones – and one noted that they found the Macintosh Classic interesting to compare with the newer IMacs. Perhaps because the screen is so small?

Macintosh Classic computer.

It’s always a pleasure to get this kind of feedback; it shows that our visitors respond to our collections and find objects in the our Wee Museum that they find interesting or remember. A couple of visitors loved everything …what more can we say to that?

Thank you to all our visitors who have supported us during 2021.