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Morningside Road had cable trams. The cables were under the road. At Greenhill Gardens, one of the engines was there and you could hear it working. Then they electrified the line and they put the wires up above.  

We hardly ever went to Princes Street. We’d go at Xmas time. All the big shops had Santas Grottos. PTs was very good for that. There was Jenners, Maule’s, Stevenson’s, they all had these grottos. You got sixpenny dips and Santa would give you a present out of the bin. Stevenson’s was on Princes Street, on the corner. It wasn’t as posh as Jenners. George Street had very posh shops, small but very posh. Allan’s was on the Bridges. There were two Allan’s. They weren’t as expensive as Princes Street. Barnet’s Blair’s and Massey’s at Tollcross; that was where we shopped.

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Trams on North Bridge