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During 1914 – 1918 war my father was a soldier stationed in Kent. My mother and I moved down to Kent, staying in temporary rooms in Deal, before we could get a house in Kingsdown. Zeppelins Flew over Deal and we sheltered in a passageway. We then moved into a house in Kingsdown where we all lived together. There was a Zeppelin raid and Sandwich was bombed. We could hear the bombs. I was in bed in the same room as my mother and father. My mother was being comforted by my father. In the morning there was shrapnel in our garden.

My father volunteered. He was a cook in the Highland Light Infantry and the Seaforth Highlanders. He was stationed in Kingsdown in Kent. My father rented a house there and we stayed there for a few years. I had my third birthday there. A lady gave me a red basket with an Easter egg in it for my birthday.

I remember going to Wolmer Castle for parties. If any soldiers were walking into town they would lift me onto their shoulders and give me a flying angel. When my father went to France, my mother and I came home to Edinburgh.

My father and the other soldiers were in trenches up to their waists in water and my father got trouble with his lungs and he was invalided out. He was in a hospital down near Stockbridge. (They were billeted in Flora Stevenson’s). My Uncle Harry, my father’s brother, was injured very badly in the 1st World War.

My father was a very generous man and very well liked. I loved him. My mother was a bit selfish and liked things her way. My father gave in to her. I got on fine with my sisters. They both got married.

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