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My father’s father was a tea and butter taster. He lived in Bexley, Kent. He used to go up to London every day in top hat and tails. He apprenticed my father to Sainsbury’s. You had to pay for the apprenticeship in those days. My father passed his apprenticeship as a grocer.

I met my grandfather and he was dressed in his top hat and frock coat at London Road station. We stayed with my grandfather and my grandmother. They were quite well-off. They had a servant and quite a big house. She was very bossy; definitely the head of the house.

She had like two families: my father and uncle and my Aunt Flo; then she had my Aunt Vi and my Aunt Mabel. And when she had my Aunt Mabel she took Dropsy.

Aunt Vi, Uncle Harry, Aunt Flo, father and grandmother

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