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Vi at Bondi Beach

I retired in 1974 when I was sixty and I’ve enjoyed my retirement. I’ve had lovely holidays and I’ve enjoyed looking after my grand-nephew and niece.

I went to Australia to visit Nora, a friend who emigrated. She was 12 when she went out. She had a brother who had TB so the family decided to go out there. I stayed for two months. We visited Alice Springs. I stayed in Adelaide. We had a weekend in the Flinders mountains. I visited Melbourne. I went on my own on a luxury coach to Sydney and Snowy Mountains and Canberra and on to visit my nephew’s wife’s brother in Queensland. The weather was beautiful there and his house was nearly on the beach so we bathed. I was very interested in the sugar cane and visited a factory where they processed the sugar cane. I also visited Whitsunday Passage near the Great Barrier Reef.