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After 6 weeks I was posted to Oban. They sent us there because they had seaplanes there. Then I went on a course for teleprinters to Leeds. It was December and it was freezing in Leeds. You learned how to send the weather and cloud observation by code into 5 figure groups by teleprinter. Then I was posted to Prestwick (nearer Edinburgh as my mother was almost alone now).

Vi and pals on the airfield at Prestwick

I enjoyed the Met Office. Sometimes if I saw an odd-looking sky, I would think - how would I describe it? How would I code it? When I did the observing, you went out and noted the visibility and present weather and the wind. You read the temperatures and the humidity, then you coded it all up into five figure groups. The first one was the station number, it was three numbers for Prestwick, then the next two were the present weather, then you went on to the cloud. Then you went on to the temperature and the rainfall. You had to decode them afterwards. At Prestwick the codes were coded again to stop foreign countries interpreting them. There were about 40 Met WAAFs.