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I joined up in 1942. I was sent to Innsworth for square bashing, where you learned to be a WAAF. Innsworth was way in the country, near Gloucester. You were taught to salute and general drill. They would shout, take your hats off in the NAAFI girls!  I’d seen an advert for the Met Office and they asked for Maths and Science and those were my subjects. I had to sit an exam and I got into the Met Office. My father died and I got compassionate leave.

I went to London and stayed at Fountain Court and went to the Met School at Russell Square. I enjoyed it. We did all our observations from the roof. Next to Fountain Court was a school and we had to do our exercises there and every morning people on the top of the bus could see us in our bloomers.

When the air-raid warning went, we all had to go down to the dug-out air-raid shelters and put our gas-masks on. My shirt was so tight round my neck and with this gas-mask I thought I was going to die.

Betty and Vi in the Sma’ Glen, 1936

Vi after billet in Prestwick, 1943