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During the war everybody had to have an identity card. As the war progressed civilians also had to get a special pass if they wanted to travel. One time we decided to go to Skye, so we had to get a pass. We didn’t make it because the clegs chased us back. There were checkpoints you had to go through. Once France fell it became more of a threat that the Germans would come here.

We would go youth hosteling for a week and it would cost about a pound. My mother supplied us with groceries and she’d post some onto us. A shilling a night at the hostel and a penny for the bike. The first time I went hostelling, with Betty and May, we stayed at Birnam hostel and met three chaps from Cambridge. They suggested we should try hostelling abroad. We liked the idea of that and so decided to start saving up. Betty and I managed to save but May didn’t because she was never any good with money.

Betty and Vi on the boat from Larne