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I went to St Peter’s school. It was just across the road. My father was the janitor. It was a catholic school. At school I was so nervous about spelling, I couldn’t do it. Sister Agnes and Sister Theresa and Miss McKenzie were teachers. We got Religious Instruction for an hour every morning. We had slates but we also had jotters. The boys and girls had separate playgrounds.

When I was eight my mother had a nervous breakdown and the doctor ordered her away so we went with her to my Aunts in Twickenham. I had to go to school there and I hated it as the children laughed at my Scottish accent. While we were there we went to London Zoo.

Father Gray used to pay for a party at Xmas and the summer. One summer someone suggested we should have a picnic instead of a party, so we went to Longniddry. The following summer we went to North Berwick and someone cut their foot on the beach. Everyone commented on this in their thank-you letters, so that was the last trip. It was parties after that.

Vi and Mary at London Zoo