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On New Year’s Day we often went to the theatre. We used to go to the pantomime. I used to go to musical comedies and variety shows with my father at the Empire. He liked variety theatre. There was Will Fyffe, Harry Gordon, Harry Lauder.

As a teenager, my friend, Betty and I often went to the theatre on a Wednesday and a Saturday. We would sit in the gods to watch plays or ballet. Eventually I had a permanent booking at the Lyceum. We had seats in the front row every Tuesday night. It was the Wilson Barrett Company. There was a different play every week. Terence Rattigan and Noel Coward and Shaw’s plays. During the Festival we often would see three performances in a day – one afternoon, one evening and one midnight. I saw Marlene Dietrich in a midnight matinee. She was superb. There was no-one like her. She came on dragging her fur. Then she would just drop it. She was marvellous. Another one who came was Katherine Hepburn, she was wonderful too.

Marlene Dietrich

Katherine Hepburn