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We went to the Bughouse in Spring Valley for the Saturday matinee. When I was only 8 or 9, my friend, Nora McGuire, and I would go there nearly every Saturday afternoon. We had fourpence; threepence to get in and a penny for lollipops. It started about 3 and it just continued. There was a small picture then the news and then the big picture and then it started all over again. One time Nora and I stayed, we’d enjoyed it so much, to see the second showing. The picture stopped, the lights went up and there was an announcement that Nora McGuire was to go home immediately.

It was silent films, with Pearl White. It would always finish with a cliffhanger. There was a picture house in Chambers Street and they used to queue up there with jam jars. I remember going to see The Desert Song and queuing for 4 hours at the New Picture House in Princes Street and the queue went right round the block and into Rose Street.