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‘It’s taken its toll on ma health.’

‘My grandfather used to drink. He was a fisherman. He always walked with a roll. He was a skipper on a trawler and my mother used to take this half bottle of whisky out of his pocket every Saturday night and smash it in the sink and I mind, I’d be about eleven, I says to her, - That’s daft, mother. Why not just pour it down the sink? And my grandpa says, - Hey, your name’s no on the door. And he just went to his bed.’

George Hackland, born 1920

‘I’ve got a cure: [I] don’t drink any more.’

Bill Robertson, born 1950s

‘Scottish & Newcastle came out with a product called Kestrel. So Tennent’s produced a lager called Charger then Kestrel became known as Celtic lager because of the green and white can. Charger was predominantly blue, so the Rangers supporters would drink Charger.’

Ronnie Mackay, worked for Tennent’s from the 1960s

‘The only time I used to see my father drinking was New Year ’cos Hogmanay was his birthday, it was a double celebration but sadly things were wrong for him and he ended up becoming an alcoholic, lost his job as a result of it.’

Bill McLean, born 1940s

‘I used tae work and clock up £13 a week. I would treat maself to a half bottle of vodka. Now it’s taken its toll on ma health and as I said to maself, OK and ah took it oot o’ ma inside pocket and ah threw that bottle as far as ah could.’

Bill Robertson, born 1950s

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