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Air Raids and Evacuation


  1. Imagine you are about to be evacuated and you are allowed to take only one case of clothes and other items. What would you take with you?

  1. Imagine you have been evacuated and write a letter to your mum or a friend describing what it is like living somewhere completely different, away from your family.

  1. Write a newspaper article explaining why children had to be evacuated.

  1. Keep a TV diary for a week - write down everything you watch and compare it to a child living during World War 2 who may have only had the radio for entertainment. What would you miss?

Listen to the excerpts. How did air raids, black-outs and evacuation affect people? What did they feel about them? What do you think you would miss if you were evacuated? Do you think there might have been anything good about being evacuated? What do you think it would have been like to have black-outs and air raids? With no TV or computer games what games do you think children played?

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