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‘Ah it was grand …’

Whitehorse Bar, Royal Mile,1978.

(photo, Mary Stirling)

Lochrin Arms, Tollcross, 1970

(photo, Seonaidh Guthrie, LMA archive)  

'The Boundary Bar, now called the City Limits. That was the boundary between Leith and Edinburgh and they had a white line down the bar and they both had different licensing hours. So what they did was they just picked up their pints and crossed the line, and the Leith Police would be pushing them onto the Edinburgh side and the Edinburgh Police would be pushing them back.'

Audrey Soutar, born 1930

'Betty Moss down at the Old Chain Pier (Newhaven). She used to wear a silk kimono … with bamboo framed spectacles. Little old lady, shuffled around. She commanded that place. 10 o'clock on the dot, Betty fired a starting pistol a couple of times, and shuffled round the bar poking it in people’s ribs and just taking their drinks away.'

Dick Allan, born 1940s

‘If there was nobody in the bar he would just shout - Lads, pour them and put the money in the till!’

(Davy Clark's Bar, Lady Lawson Street)

Bill Coventry, born 1933

‘You could get problems in the Dundee Arms (Fountainbridge). Which got its nickname The Vietnam. That just speaks for itself. It was rough and people would get barred oot o’ there.’

Ronnie Mackay, born 1940s

‘A lassie got physically thrown onto the pavement and, next thing, the shoes were fired out after her. It  was rough.’

(Fairley’s, Leith Street)

Kate Tubb, born 1940s

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